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Its not just about greasing and oil changing…

  • It’s about identifying faults, monitoring wear and scheduling repairs and maintenance before they cause downtime and extra costs.
  • It’s about maintaining service histories with the manufacturer and carrying out the recommended maintenance at the right time.
  • It’s about regular monitoring of the vehicle operational data that we download during a service.
  • It’s about evaluating oil sample test results taken during servicing and rectifying faults before damage occurs.

Legal Requirements

The better prepared and maintained your vehicles are, the better your COF grading is going to be.  Our mechanics pride themselves on being able to obtain a COF with a clean check sheet.  We achieve this by keeping up to date with COF requirements and using pre COF inspections to rectify faults before your truck or trailer is presented for its COF.

Modern Techniques for Modern Engines

Modern engines are loaded with new technology to meet emission regulations and to be fuel efficient.  To keep these high tech engines serviced and maintained we are continually investing in the latest electronic tooling and in training for our mechanics.